Thursday, January 04, 2007

I would have done some sleeve shaping algebra

I was planning to do measuring and row gauging and figure out very specifically how to shape the sleeve via spacing the increases. Eh, I was tired last night, though I did make it out to knitting group and help (along with someone else) Lucy get the Mitten Tree put away for the year.

If I had done, it would be measuring from elbow to wrist (I want the sleeve to reach fullness by the elbow or only a little above), subtract the depth of the ribbing, calculate the row gauge based on the body work, then divide the length by the gauge to get how to space the increases. But I'm winging it instead.

So, the ribbing wound up being 20 rows deep, and then the increases 2 every 7 rows, which will give me 70 rows. I've done 3 increases out of the 10 so far. I'll look at it in a while to see if it's doing as I want.

After that, I'll need to look at the true sleeve length before it joins the body at the underarm. Yes, I have the measurements of all the other sweaters' dimensions to draw from, but those were larger circumference sweaters. Bringing the circumference of the main part of the sweater closer into the body means the length of the sleeve will have to follow it in.

Sorry, I completely failed to come to knitting. I had a work thing and a family-illness thing, so I ended up on the phone a good bit of the evening.

Now I have a food poisoning thing, so I'm missing the lovely weather. Soon I'll be back, though!
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