Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On vacation and forgot to blog

Strange how time works when you're on vacation. Unless you've got distinct things to do that day, well, it just sort of passes.

There was lots of reading of email digests and catching up with the blogosphere..... and some knitting.

The Baby Surprise Supersize project has taken an interesting turn now that the colors have started to come together. I had forgotten that not all colors get used evenly throughout, so in this case there's a very little yellow and brown together (less than a row), so it's a very sudden change to yellow and dark green. This may be trickier than I thought.

I started socks last week (hey, it was vacation) so I'm finishing those this week. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Northern Lights, since it was in the stash.

I made a lot of progress on the Sockotta sweater, once I got over a hangup. There are spots where the repeat of the dye sequence is just lining up too much as it comes around and around in the same place. I tried the switching yarns every few rounds trick, with about the same result. I decided to press on and I can always rip if I'm unhappy. As of last night I'm doing the neck ribbing, after that I get to take a long hard look and assess. All the usual angsts come into play, fit, pattern, etc. We'll see.

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