Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reminder that I'm making progress

My first thought about projects this morning was that I wasn't really making progress. Then I had to remind myself that I finished the single-strand Baby Surprise Jacket and cast on for the double-strand. Yes, it's still dark, so no pictures. And no, I did not do any finishing of ends, seams or buttons on the single-strand.

The single-strand fits crowded, but not dangerous, on a 16" size 3 circular worked back and forth. The double-strand, surprisingly enough, is quite comfortably long on a 35" size 5. I'm really curious to find out what the gauge and finished size will be. This may be the encouragement bump the overall projected needed.

The Sockotta sweater hasn't made much progress over the last several days. There's still another round of increases to go, and then the rest of the TBD length up the arm. At some point I'll do the shoulder shaping math. I had thought I would get to it last night, but the last rows of the BSJ and the casting on of the next took the whole evening.

This morning I need to make lemonade out of of a high fasting and get myself over to the lab for a fasting lipid profile on one of those (now) rare occasions I can trust myself get over there without risk. Love having this Gov'ner, even if it goes bing and wakes me up in the dark of night.

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