Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Uptight? Guess not.

I would have thought that the Regia 4ply would knit much tighter on the size 1s than the Sockotta on the size 3s, but I'm getting a gauge of 6.5 stitches to the inch, not much different than the 6.4 with the Sockotta. (The Regia 4ply on size 2s produced a 6 stitch to the inch fabric that just felt too loose.)

I was expecting something like a 7 or 8 stitches to the inch gauge, but I'm happy with the fabric produced by the ones, so onward to math. Not much difference in the end from the numbers for producing the Sockotta sweater.

My one worry is if I'm somehow measuring the gauge wrong, or if it changes from swatch to garment. If it turns out to be really 7 to the inch, my 41 inch around sweater will be a figure-hugging 38 inches (aka the Hi! I got hooters! look), but if it's 6 to the inch, it will be 44 1/3 inches around, more ease than a lightweight sweater should really have. On the other hand, sometimes you just have to get on with it and try, so I'll be casting on tonight. I can plan to check gauge when I get closer to the underarm join.

The immediate purpose is to get through the ribbing this week, so that by the time the annual eye exam rolls up on Saturday, I can have knitting I don't need to look at during and after the dilation. I can plain knit with my eyes closed, mostly, so as long as I can guess a vertical inch or so to space out the increases, I should be all set.

Commuter sock knitting is going well. Two days in, the trains are running reasonably well, the fairies are doing a decent job of having a seat for me, and I'm about to start the heel flap. Afghans for Afghans is looking for socks up to women's large for the teenagers, I wear a size 7/39 metric, so I guess the standard sock for me will work.

March I'll have to get back to the Baby Surprise Supersize Commuter Jacket project. I bought the yarn at Meg's first-timers Camp in July of 2001. If I don't get going and use it up over the next year or two, I'm going to owe it a drink for its birthday sooner than I think.

Anyone else out there have stash getting old enough it could buy a beer? This isn't quite there yet, but the years go by, more quickly than you think.


Anyone else out there have stash getting old enough it could buy a beer?

[giggle] I'm about to hit the sixth anniversary of not finishing my best friend's birthday present. It's going to first grade!
There are worse things than snug sweaters. Either that or I just look like a sausage. I'm hoping someone would tell me if that's the case.
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