Sunday, February 25, 2007

10 months to Christmas and a week until I teach again

Leaving the first part of that alone for now, next Saturday afternoon I'm teaching Entrelac at Mind's Eye Yarns (scroll down to the Workshops section). I normally teach once a year at the Granite State Knit-In in June up at Loon Mountain, where I get an hour to teach the topic. I've been doing Entrelac as a class there for enough years that I'm pretty comfortable with it. We can do it in an hour because everyone comes prepared with homework (base triangle instructions sent out in advance) and I can get started on the rectangles right off.

For the class at Mind's Eye I have two hours to cover the same subject, so I need to look at pacing and what to bring pre-prepared. That's the work for this evening. Teaching is very nervous-making, but then again, if you know your subject and are willing to speak to people (this is not the time to be shy), that's three-quarters of the battle. Having enough imagination to see why other people might have a question about something you take for granted is another eighth.

I'm preparing a new class for this year's Knit-In, Deciphering Yarn Substitution. I plan to cover how to figure out what the yarn called for in the pattern is like, to therefore make and educated guess for what else might work. This from the person who did get 9 stitches to the inch gauge on her first sock, but didn't realize she had bought heavy worsted -- stuffed with fiberfill it made a nice neck pillow for a few years. My thoughts for this class include making a lot of swatches, blocking them, and tagging them with their labels as reference materials.

I think I might have eyes bigger than my hands. I'd best get cracking on those swatches.

Yay! Entrelac! Fun stuff. :)

I'm going to go back to lusting after spinning wheels. Lucy's pulled me over to the dark side (pictures on my blog, unsurprisingly).
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