Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can't get back here-ah from there-ah

If we only had a transit system that didn't shut down at shortly after midnight. The problem is, once we get everyone on that bus back to the Boston area, how do they get home afterwards? We would need to leave NYC when to get back to the pickup point, for those with connections to not get caught at Park? The transit system shuts down, a number of us don't have cars, and the T parking lots don't allow overnight parking.

We have a bus driver among us, that's not the issue. And, no, I'm not getting on any bus that tips over, has its wheel about fall off, catches fire, or otherwise shuts down the Pike on a frequent basis.

It's looking like Lucy and I will head for option B, bringing the Yarn Harlot to the neighborhood. Can we get how many hundred people to show up for her here?

I'll show up! I might even be able to start training some guys from work to knit and drag em down, too. (Everyone's jealous of my ability to read boring RFCs without falling asleep.)

I want to go to the NYC thing, too, but I'm just not sure how to get there without taking too much time off of work. (I kinda need the time off of work for later, because if I miss her wedding, my sister will kill me and her engagement "thing" is that weekend.)
I am still planning on heading to NYC, but except for March 12-16th, I will be happy to take time out of work to help you guys. I was thinking of either renting a van or parking my car in CT and using their commuter train system to get to NYC. Any thoughts on these ideas?
stamford supposedly has good commuter parking stuff. alternately, depending on where you're staying, parking in the city is tough, but not impossible, esp if you stay in brooklyn or queens (or at a hotel with onsite parking).
I'll come to Cambridge again if you bring Stephanie again. I'm going to be in the New York area (New Jersey anyway, for a family event) the weekend after March 22, but that doesn't help with the 22nd itself.

I have to say, your discomfort with cut-rate bus lines sounds wise.
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