Monday, February 19, 2007

More than a hundred rows today

Himself and I had had plans to get some exercise today, but wind chills above and below zero F put the kabash on that.

The Regia 4-ply sweater has been moving along. I'm about to come to the end of the second skein on the body, and I'm guessing it will take 3 or a little more to get up to the underarms. At some point soon I'll need to start the sleeves. Sometime soon I'll need to check that the gauge is holding since the needle change.

The commuter sock for the Afghans for Afghans socks for students collection got finished (well it needs finishing) and the next one has been cast on. The in California deadline is early March, so I'll need the blessings of the commuting fairies to get a second pair done. They can start by having trains go down the tracks by at regular intervals in the morning so the cars aren't crammed full by the second stop.

In the meantime, by the time this picture was taken late in the afternoon, I managed to advance the Wavy scarf by 100 rows today, from the point of the little green marker, and I've done 20 rows since. I doubt I'll make the full length per the pattern of 440 rows, but the first skein only ran out the middle of 214, so I should come close. It's fun watching the texture undulate back and forth.

So, is anyone interested in carpooling from Boston/Cambridge to NYC for the Yarn Harlot on Thursday, March 22nd? The problem would be getting back before the T closes, so if a group went, they would need a way to each get home from a central pickup point. We've already have someone taking vacation that week at work, so it's a tough call if I would be able to go, and I probably won't get the Friday off as well, so I'd really need to be back that night. Would we be able to catch a 9 p.m. shuttle out of LaGuardia? It's currently only $50.....

Charter a Chinatown bus. They're usually about $30 round-trip, and I bet they'd be totally happy to schedule an extra bus for a load of knitters, and probably even pick you up somewhere that isn't Chinatown. They're really nice new buses.

I think there is NO WAY to see Stephanie and get on a 9 PM flight. You'd have to leave the event at 7:15. I think you'd have better luck getting the Chinatown bus and getting carpoolers to take each other home in the Boston area.

Came over from Stephanie's comments.
Didn't mention - just Google Chinatown bus New York Boston, there are several companies who do the route.
Stephanie in NYC? I may just go ahead and make it an overnight trip.
don't forget that i live here, so you have a futon should you need one. near stash. and i totally want to go see stephanie. so stoked that she's coming to nyc. lucky star and fung wah both run for $15 each way, shuttles from laguardia are cheap, as noted, but laguardia is a bit of a tough ride to and from downtown. let me know what kind of info you need- if you're going to consider staying over, maybe a dinner (if lucy's coming, there are actually a couple cool buddhist places), yarn shops... all kinds of fun. mi yarn casa is su yarn casa.
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