Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Undulating rows of K3P3

As of this morning, 146 rows are finished and the pattern is coming out nicely. This is a satisfying knit, 1. the pattern itself is K3, P3, started at varying points in that pattern in order to make the pattern shift, 2. rows are only 42 stitches across, so it's easy to perceive oneself making progress, and 3. when I made this last time, I printed out row by row instructions, (as opposed to constant look back as the original is written - i.e., rows this to that, repeat rows way back there), so every 84 stitches I get to make a satisfying cross-off of a row. Somehow I need that.

In my judgment, this pattern could be done by a beginner, it's just ribbing, and it will teach them keeping track of where you are in the pattern.

The size ones have arrived from Schoolhouse Press and at some point I'll get the Regia 4-ply on them.

Boston/Cambridge is finally getting snow. I've already heard the plows out this morning though at the moment it sounds like icy rain on the window. It will be interesting how many folks are at Mind's Eye's Wednesday night group tonight between Valentine's Day and the storm. Snow doesn't bother me much, but the high winds are supposed to be moving in later today. We'll see. New England meteorologists have this reputation for predicting more than what shows up.

I may well be there tonight. It depends on how slippery it is outside, since I have a reasonably long walk down there. I have no husband today, so I'm all kinds of free. :)
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