Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anyone else want in on a Camb-erville stash sale?

Chialea over at Wooly Mammoths had a great idea in the comments for a fiber yard sale. More later, Himself has a sudden appointment to go consider offers on his house!


Okay, that was exciting. Where was I?

Yes, I kind of like the idea of a cash and carry fiber yard sale in the Porter/Davis area of Cambridge/Somerville - i.e. Camberville. How many people have stuff they would like to sell or trade? How many folks want to trade or buy others' excess stash but be able to see and handle it before purchase?

Are we onto something here?

Hey, I'm all over this. I'm especially all over this if we schedule it for sometime I can come. :)

If it's going to be small, I can volunteer my place. Otherwise someone else might have a bigger place, or we could go mingle in a cafe or something. (Don't spill on the yarn!)
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