Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If I'd known people were coming over

And let that be a lesson to you, young bloggers, to keep your blog up to date, because you never know when the Yarn Harlot will give you a mention, and there you are with not much posted of recent date. I'll let the EMT of my acquaintance comment on whether or not non-ripped underwear matters as much in an accident.

I'm finding it hard to post lately because I've been depressed for about the last month about the early DST switchover. Just when I was thinking I could get up in the morning, take photos and post, they go and take the daylight away again. Silly Congress.

And to top it off, Himself is putting his house on the market this week, after talking about it and preparing it for showing for how long. Hard to believe it's here, but it's time for him to stop rattling around in 3,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms. We've been spending weekends looking at new places for him, sort of pre-shopping, to know what he's doing once he gets an offer. The comment is that there has to be space for the 6-foot grand piano. If I fit in the new space, too, that's a bonus. I'm looking forward to a time when I can not live in two places (don't tell the Cambridge voting board how much I live in Lexington on weekends and vacation weeks), but moving.... Let's just say, I'm not ready to have people over to the physical space here either. There's a lot of clutter.

I've even been thinking of destashing. Anyone know how to do that easily, maybe for profit?

So I've been a bit preoccupied. On the other hand, I'm developing a new class for the Granite State Knit-In (they don't have a website, sorry) on deciphering yarn substitution. I've given myself the task of making many, many swatches of 100 stitches in the round, aim for good swatch size, put the stitches on a thread and then block as I would normally care for that yarn. Add a string tag with the original label and the gauge details as blocked. I was worried about the class because it's the first Saturday in June and I hadn't gotten going yet. Now I've gotten going and knit about 3 swatches, still need to block them. There are many more cast on, so I've got my commute knitting set for a while. I'm not sure how I'm going to use the swatches, exactly, but it's a distraction from my thought process. It's been a long time since I worked with Red Heart, ahem.

I have finished a few things -- 2 pair of socks went to Afghans for Afghans, 2 chemo hats went to the Minestrone Soup drive and the Wavy scarf got finished over the weekend, but, again, no photos. The Regia 4-ply is moving along. The first sleeve is in progress while the body waits to find out if it is long enough yet.

So, with all this going on, will someone please tell me why I start a penguin last night? And why I'm already angsting over whether there's enough black in the kit.

One last thing - Boston Knit-Out organization is getting up and going soon. I'm working on finding a regular space for organizational meetings (need to call the Masons back and I'm hoping the Episcopal Cathedral will respond) since the Cafe at Borders is problematic for conducting business. Anyone interested in volunteering for tasks over the summer? We need people to do things that take a couple hours, occasionally, and other people to take charge of organizing the effort.

Awwww... penguin cute! Sorry about the light. I'm enjoying DST, because then I can walk home from work while it's still light -- and I can't walk home when it's not light, so this is a non-trivial amount of help to me.

Good luck on finding a place. It's nice to live in one place all the time!
Okay, I'm not sure why folks are reporting that comments don't work. I'm going to try this.
Have you been to the Destash for Cash blog?? Good place to destash via paypal (and also a fun place to shop!)
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even yet another comment test
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