Sunday, March 04, 2007

Skiing, at last

Having tried the sport with rentals for a couple of winters with Himself, Christmas 2005 he put the word out to family that I wanted cross-country ski equipment. We've had a snow drought since.

Today, at last, there is finally skiing at our favorite place. Nacent swatches for the Yarn Substitution class in development will be worked on on the ride up and in the lodge after lunch as Himself goes out for more fun than I have endurance for. Nope, conditioning has not been a priority lately sad to say. Lodge has nice couch with fireplace and food service. What more could someone feeling vaguely virtuous at having gone out and exercised for a couple hours already but ready to sit and relax for a while want?

Being much more used to a relaxed fit wardrobe (see conditioning comment above), putting on the very clingy long underwear layer this morning feel strange. It's energizing, but in a crowded Red-line sort of way.

I'm told I need to get going.

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