Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Attention, Laceweight shoppers

So I'm coming to terms with my intent to destash. I still need to get myself a paypal account (can I get away with not getting a merchant account if I take in money?) and set it up with with my bank account that I'm trying to start a cash reserve with.

Moving will be coming in a few months, I'm looking at the amount of Zephyr cones I already have (see bottom of this post,), and then at the open shelf full of (mostly single) skeins of laceweight and took the step this morning of hauling everything out to the front porch and photographing it. Ahem. There have been at least two occasions when I've been awarded the best shopper (of yarn) award, and it shows.

I have no specific plans for these skeins, so it makes sense to offer them up for destashing. This isn't even all the photos. The grays, browns, white and yellow photographed reasonably close to color, but the reds, blues and purples need to have their picture taken against something other than a red/orange/brown porch background. That will be a project for the weekend.

They've all been stored in open air shelving, pet and smoke free home.

I have no idea what to ask for these yarns. Is 3/4 or 2/3 off the original price fair? Is original price fair? Are they rare and people would pay a premium above the original sticker (doesn't seem likely)?

First off, there's a mystery skein of big pink something, which I think might be cotton. Lucy may remember what it is. If she doesn't then I'll have to get into serious guessing. I could always take it into the office and toss it on the postal scale.

Next up is a skein of white Skacel Merino Lace in color 100-38462. I think the last five digits are the dye lot. Label says made in Italy, 100 g./1,375 yards Nm 2/25, symbols for handwash, cool (one dot) iron, P for dry cleaning, no bleach and the numbers 8-12 under what might be a knitting frame. 100% Fine Merino Wool shrink resistant. In this lot of pictures I've also got a light tan/khaki color number 750-32178. That one has a price of $11.95 on it.

I've got 3 skeins together of a light gray Fa Re Baruffa Cashwool Decatito made in Italy by Zegna Baruffa - Lane Bourgosesia, S.p.A. color #20266, dye lot 1932, 100 grams, +/- 1,350 meters, hand wash, no bleach, P for dry cleaning, cool iron, 100% extra fine merinos 1Capi = Macch 12, 2 Cpai = Macch 8, with a price sticker of $12.59. There's also a single skein of a light yellow color of the same, color number 26256, dye lot 22676.

There's also Grignasco Regina pura lana vergine irrestringible "merino fine" decatito. It's 100 grams/1,250 meters, Nm. 2/25 (40 Tex x 2) Hand wash, no bleach, cool iron, P for dry cleaning.
Pure new wool merino resistant treated.
There's one skein of dark gray, color #130, dye lot #3457/47, and one skein of dark brown (chocolate) color #173, dye lot #28663. Original sticker $11.50.

Lastly there are two 100 grams skeins of multi-shades of gray Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester 2/8 100% wool (not much info). No sticker. I can remember I bought this in the summer of 2000 on my trip to Halifax for Shirl the Purl's Knit with Us.

Is any of this worth anything to anyone else?

I'll try to take a stab at getting good color photos of the other skeins over the weekend. There's more to come!

If you're interested, email me.

As much as I sound like a pyromaniac for saying this, you can get a good idea of what's in the pink stuff by setting it on fire... (just set the sample on fire)
I take in money and I don't have a merchant account. Well, sometimes I take in a little bit of money. Mostly I spend it.
I am in awe. And I totally have zephyr-envy.

As for checking for yarn content, lighting it on fire will result in finding out whether there's any man-made matl. in the yarn. If it rolls up into a little ball, you've got non-natural fiber included. If it turns to ash, then yep, it's natural. If it smells like hair, it's usually hair of some type and cotton? have no idea what cotton smells like...maybe cloth?
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