Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pausing for the moment

This weekend, for the first time in what seems like a long time, we did not have to go open-housing or house viewing. We did not have to leave Himself's house in a state of staged perfection.

The offer Himself received on his house is moving right along in the negotiations part. We have found a place he's put an offer on, and those negotiations are getting going.

It looks like he'll have a few weeks gap of no-house between the old and the new, and may just take off on a summer camping trip. This would give me time to get going on packing my things.

This is good. In the meantime, we're making jokes about "window treatments." I care the windows are decently covered to keep folks from looking in. Himself is the one with an aesthetic sense. The anti-UV covering will be applied to windows, so I shouldn't have to worry about fading too much.

I will have to figure out what color to paint the yarn room, what color its shades should be, and what lighting I want in there, for optimal color viewing. On the other hand, I've treated myself to one of these in walnut as a half-birthday/bonus/raise present.

I've made progress on getting the swatches for the Deciphering Yarn Selection class underway. Now that we don't have to worry about showing Himself's house, I'll probably start washing and blocking next weekend, and use his spare room for drying. Photos then.

Ooh ooh ooh is it the place you showed me? Forget the old-- in with the new! [bounce bounce bounce]
I couldn't get your "one of these" link to open -- I think there are too many "http//"s in it. I mean, it opened but took me to the www consortium site instead of the swift site.

Good luck with the housing -- I hope all the negotiations etc. go well
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