Monday, April 16, 2007

Things bought

The vertical swift showed up earlier this week. The brown is the swift, the blue and white thing is my ball winder, which clamps nicely onto the top of the upright. I got the adjustable model, which Pat at Yarn Barn recommended over the "traditional" model. It works, though I may dig out my older ball winder that doesn't have the tilting action, since that seems to make the whole thing wobble a bit, particularly if I'm rewinding project leftovers into fresh center-pull balls.

Himself now has P&S signed on both his old home and the new place. I'm busy fantasizing about living in one place after all this time, and how to set up the new yarn room. My current yarn room/study has a desk set up in one corner which I don't think I'll need in the new space, and that should free up more floor space. We'll see how long after closing (not until July) it takes to have the floors refinished in the new place, but I'm targeting early August for moving the stash and library in.

It turns out it's the wrong time of year to buy either men's or women's slippers, which is what we went to the mall hoping to find. On the other hand, we found a closing sale at the Discovery Store. And there they had this gizmo at 30% off. It offers *both* traditional and French knitting -- which someone thinks means knitting in the round according to the back of the box. It comes with minimal instructions (not yet followed), 3 poofs of eyelash yarn which it claims is enough to make a hat and a scarf, and a few tools. It also came well packaged. Why they felt they needed to attach it to the box with screws is beyond me.

So, I got everything out of the box, took pictures, glanced at the instructions and figured I can deal with that after I get the swatches for my Deciphering Yarn Substitution class done (probably in a few weeks). It looks like a standard knitting machine, but with unknown gauge and I didn't count how many stitches it can do, yet. If it takes eyelash yarn, it will probably handle worsted weight, too, I'm guessing. Anyone else have one of these?

I got my brochure for the Granite State Knit In in the mail today, and their guest speaker this year is Anna Zilboorg! I can't wait to meet her. Send me email (I can't seem to reply to comments) if you want to know how to get on the mailing list -- they don't have a website, but I can forward your interest to the organizers.

I bet it would crank out enough stitches to make credible harry potter scarves....

Congrats on finding a place!
Summer is an excellent time to move yarn! Hope all goes well.

Is the Knit Out on the 23rd or the 30 of September? Fortunately, well out of the way of moving day! Be sure to put me on the volunteer list.
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