Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow! People might want what I don't anymore!

Okay, so posting at bedtime I wake up to two people wanting the Skacel Merino Lace in white. Whee! 100 grams fewer to move in August, and an impetus to get more out on offer.

My life is slightly complicated because I can't access personal email at work, so I'm hoping people can bear with my only being able to access my mail from dusk to dawn. We'll see.

Himself tried taking photos of some of the other, colored, skeins yesterday. Even though he and I know he was using a very, very light pink towel to serve as a background to some of them, it made it look like the Grignasco Regina in Cranberry had been bleeding dye even while dry. I'll be getting a plain pillowcase at Macy's or something. Along with big envelopes for first class mail.

My photos seem to have disappeared from my original post, but that's incentive to get those up on the Destash blog. It makes me wonder, having gotten two interests for the white and none for the tan, yet, I wandered over to the misc. cotton shelf and started looking at the off-white Cotton Classic and Cotton Fleece......

I hear cotton fleece might be a good idea for CA, so if you have some of that in colours I wear I might be interested. I'm also interested in flax/hemp if you have any of that lying in your destash pile.
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