Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yarn for Sale!

The Destash blog is closed to new posts for maintenance, so I guess I can post here.

Another hazard of not knowing what you have: Have a buyer send a payment to a paypal account you had forgotten you had. Suze Orman would be very upset with me.

Four single skeins of Skacel Merino Lace. 100% fine merino wool shrink resistant. Approx. 100 grams/1,375 yards, No. 2/25. Label symbols for hand wash, cool iron (one dot), P for dry cleaning, no bleach, what looks to be a knitting machine with 8-12 underneath it. Made in Italy.

Dark red - color 93, dye lot 32030
Dull royal purple - color 759, dye lot 32018
Dark blue color 417, dye lot 32092
Winey red purple - color 815, dye lot 43592

Price: $11 per skein, includes first class postage shipping within the US. (outside the US, need to look up rates, will negotiate price of skein)
Terms: PayPal

ETA -- as of 6 a.m. Monday, all skeins were either sold or pending paypal payment.

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