Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Armload for the Post Office

Last night was another fairly successful night on the Destash blog. Most everything sock-yarnish I posted has sold. One knitter who bought laceweight last month asked if there was any left (yes, and she bought more).

The Sockotta and Lamb's Pride Worsted still isn't attracting any interest, though. Eh, after all, there was something that drew me to buy so much sock yarn in the first place myself.

Surprizing how much time the destashing takes up, though. There's the compulsion to check email frequently, actually sometimes a necessity, given the speed at which requests come in and people eager to hear if they get dibs on the item. Then there's the replying to those who did, and didn't get the item, answering questions, dealing with people who want to set their own terms.

It leaves very little time for actual knitting......

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