Monday, May 14, 2007

Ask, and ye shall receive

After my pitiful posts of last week and with emailing specific requests out to the planners, I have help.

Shop letters will be merged this week and planning and stuffing will happen at next Monday's meeting, all 275 or so. Feel free to come on by if you'd like to help.

Next, does anyone know who to contact for sponsorships at the folks who have been our sponsors for years? Our last two sponsor coordinators don't have this in their files anymore, so I'm starting at square one.

If you know yarn reps of New England yarn manufacturers/distributors, please ask them to contact me with names and real mailing addresses.

Tomorrow morning I'll have photos of the non-class-swatch knitting I did over the weekend. For now, Himself needs snuggle so I'm not going to take me and the camera out to the porch.

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