Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'll take progress where I can find it

Though it seems to happen at very late and early hours of the day.

I made progress on the sponsor request letters. Subprogress, my new printer works nicely and I was able to make return address labels with no problem. Lack of progress is not having contact info for the existing sponsors from last year, but presumably they're friendly enough I can explain that info wasn't in the files and they won't take offense.

I asked for help and I got it. I needed a spreadsheet tidied up and weeded out from last year and I have a volunteer who's working on it over the weekend. We still need someone who knows yarn stores in New England to cast an eye over it and see if there are any new stores in the 6 states, but this is good. I will need to recruit stuffers and stickerers to get these together, but that's an issue for next week.

I was reminded the Boston Knit Out has more than just me working to bring it together. I just need to focus on planning and not be distracted by the running the non-profit stuff.

Time to go deal with whether or not I have clean clothes to wear.

I saw a news blurb somewhere about a new craft/yarn store in Davis Sq. somewhere. ( Has that made it onto your list yet?
I hope the PR volunteers are working out.
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