Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So many things

I ended the last post with a promise of a photo of a real project. And then the rest of the week happened, including a lot of time at paying work and on the Knit Out. Himself has started making comments about the difficulties of snuggling a person and a laptop together, without disturbing the equanimity of either....

I've finished with the swatches for the deciphering yarn substitutions class, they've all been blocked and this weekend we will have a massive effort of post-blocking measurements and I'll see what the results of the experiment are. I also need to write down my bibliography -- i.e., take the thoughts that, "that book talks about how different fibers behave," and get the citation made.

And then there's the Knit Out. Which is a lot to do.

And also the trigger thumb. Last year I had problems with the middle finger of my left hand getting painfully stuck at times, but it pretty much resolved itself back to workable in a long series of daily soaks in epsom salts over a month or two. Now my right thumb is having somewhat of the same problem, except the difficulty comes in trying to straighten the joint, leading to some problems with grip. I've heard that steroid shots can relieve pain, but they also wreck havoc with BG control, so I'm trying to avoid that, and surgery. Solution: carve another consistent 15 -20 minutes a day for soaking. Good morning, 5:30 a.m. local newscaster......

Himself is coming down to just a few weeks left in the house he's been in since the early 1990s and preparing for a several week hiatus of housing. The downsizing of the soon to be excess furniture continues, so the place is starting to look empty. It will be on us sooner than we think, then I'll need to look at my move.

Time to get cracking again on the destashing. The recent postal charge changes are confusing, but I'm hoping it will soon be apparent how much I should factor in for odd-shaped yarn packages into the pricing. Anyone want 4 100 gr. skeins of black with bright colors Sockotta?

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