Monday, May 28, 2007

That went fast!

Earlier this evening I posted (with the usual trouble -- takes slightly less than forever and God forbid you want to delete your autosaved drafts afterwards) the Lorna's Laces collection of Shepherd Sock off the sock weight shelf. I've still got plenty of Kroy (4 and 3 ply), Socka of various flavors and pounds (easily pounds) of Regia. After that, I get to open the closed basket of sock yarn and see what's bursting out of there.

Within minutes there was a flurry of interest and in the space of an hour, money collected for 3 out of 5 colorways on offer -- and all interested. Himself was most impressed. I'm headed for the post office tomorrow.

Makes me wonder what will happen in June when I start making decisions about the Campion in the closet. Then again, no one has bitten on the Sockotta nor the Lamb's Pride Worsted, yet. Eh, I knew I was invested in yarn futures.

In other news, I've finished cataloging the swath of swatches for the Deciphering Yarn Substitution class next weekend, and mostly have my bibliography in order. Everything seems to have come out larger after blocking than before and some definitely suffered even being handwashed. But, that's part of the exercise.

Life is better now that I've gotten that out of the way. It's been fun working on real projects again. I have a series of shawlettes out of hand-dyed sock weight going on. Last Tuesday I finished the blue/green one (Dusk colorway?) and got started on the Northern Lights colorway.

Not yet shown, a co-worker's wife is due in June and, ya know, when you don't work with the mother it's easy to loose track of how soon the baby gift will be needed. Pictures after it's done and given, but I'm through the straight body and about to start the sleeve increases on a Baby Nalgar in the black with brights Sockotta. I'm relieved after using Sockotta in baby gifts over the years that it was one of the yarns that behaved well in blocking. Some yarns knit up so nicely and then looked and felt terrible once they were even hand washed.

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