Thursday, May 03, 2007

You know those folks who liken their stash to a yarn store?

I'm wondering if I have a museum. Thanks to Massachusetts' pricing laws, most of the skeins in my stash have the price stickers on them. What I'm not sure is if I paid those prices, or did I get more at sales than I thought?

And then I found this:
A Koigu sock kit -- small wood slat box, exactly the size of two skeins of their yarn, with a one-page pattern (photo smeared very messily because you could read it in the photo and I wanted to do the (copy)right thing). The plastic is only a little ripped where I eased the pattern out, pattern has one small stain on it (age?). Price tag? $34.00.

No idea where and when I bought it. I'm of two minds about putting it up for destash. My rule has been if it's in good shape and I have no definite/immediate plans for the yarn, it's a candidate for destashing for cash. On the other hand, this is a rarity and I could see keeping it, just to call it mine and hold it precious.

Decisions. The Libra has to make decisions.

I feel the same about my Horstia silk/wool skeins. However, I have been trying to avoid the butter yarn because I REALLY want them! :)

But if there are still no takers, I will gladly buy them off your hands.

Bunny hugs!
The butter yarn is sold to ChicLea, who is having Lucy overdye it for her. The chocolate brown and dark gray are still available, as is the CTH fall foliage merino lace.

I'm doing more pictures and posting this weekend.
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