Monday, June 11, 2007

Housecooling distractons

After a week involving food poisoning (nuff bout that), this past weekend was the last time I will split my time between Himself's place and mine, and, baring unforseen incident, the last time I will be in that house in Lexington. His packers and movers do their work on Tuesday and Wednesday and his closing is on Friday. It's a lovely house and I'm sure the new family will enjoy raising their girls in the right school there. Even if they're having contractors in ASAP to start changing things around. End of an era.

Himself had a housecoooling for his close friends Saturday and for that I was willing to forgo the WKIP day for one year. A certain young lady with a similar birthday to ours (separated by slightly less than 4 decades) took one last dip in the pool in the rain. Cupcakes and veggies and chips and dip were enjoyed.

The sofa was picked up by friends of mine Friday and I'm hoping it's as excellent a napping space in her new place as it was there.

The two things left to unload to new owners are a computer monitor and a pair of relatively small stereo speakers from the time before Dr. Bose and his ilk determined you could get the same job done with far less volume. These two are about knee high to me and might double as precarious seating or as lampstands/end tables. I'm amused that the sound is described as "slightly wooly." This from the man whose family discusses symphony seasons like office jocks discuss sports teams. On the other hand, once at the event (having stood in line for rush tickets usually) they tend to fall asleep and sometimes snore.

Saturday, he sets off on a road trip to parts mostly undetermined other than south of here and I get to work on getting myself ready to move. Let's hope the Destash blog has resolved its posting problems.

Anyone in the 021XX zip code, free on the first Sunday in August. willing to heft a few boxes in return for refreshment, please raise your hand. An Evite will be issued soon.

In other news, Audible has two Yarn Harlot books available. Yup, it sounds like her and it's fun to hear the text in the author's voice. One comment, you may want to increase the volume on your listening device slightly above that for other narrators.

And, just to note, yesterday I drove a car for the first time in several years. Himself need to get the rather nice rugs, wine and his-sized bicycle down to the friend storing them for him (you don't send them to the climate-uncertain storage of the moving company) for the duration. He was worried that it's a stick. I'm not, I've never driven anything other than a stick (they started me out on a Mercedes 220 D -- power nothing), but I've lost my sense of how to tell how far the car boundaries are from other things in space. But it was just down MA Ave and there was a handy bus a couple cars in front of me to make those who really wanted to go faster head around anyway, so no one was pushing my tail. No stalling, no peeling out, nothing hit and no shouting, that I heard. But it did point out to me that before I ever head out on the highway again, I want a defensive driving course for practice first.

This week will be more distractions, but it's all the in the name of progress.

If I'm in town, I can help.
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