Sunday, June 03, 2007

Transition time coming

We went up to Loon for the Granite State Knit In this weekend. As usual, it was a great event. 16 years, and they note their mailing list is 600 and they have capacity for only 150 people. I'm glad they keep inviting me to teach each year, if for nothing else that it guarantees I get in the door.

Both classes went well. The Entrelac students were well prepared, and the Deciphering Yarn Substitution had a good discussion, as I intended. I need to work on how to lead a discussion, without hogging the conversation so much, but then again, I was the one who had done the research and therefore I should expect to have most of the speaking to do.

Anna Zilboorg was a good, if bemused, speaker -- grateful for the interest, but not really interested in self-promotion. Folks seemed disappointed she had brought nothing to sell. When questioned, she spoke about the life of an Anglican Solitary, what it entails and what it doesn't. She gave a plug for Loran Block of Snow Star Farms and her colors hand-dyed yarns, but unfortunately they don't have a website to link to. I've lost touch with Loran in the last several years, and it would be good to get back in touch, but it will probably have to wait until after the move.

We came back to start the last two weeks Himself has in the house he's been in since the early 90's, when the late Missus and he bought it, got married and renovated extensively for three years. It's time to move on, and he's been planning this for about a year and a half, but now that it's so close to happening, it's bittersweet. Next weekend will be the last weekend in the house. A number of things are packed, there are more things to be sold/given away (anyone interested in nice armchairs with matching ottomans?), and after the closing he's going to head off on a trip for a few weeks until the closing on the new place in July. Thanks to Two Sock Knitters and their tales of their eastern roadtrip, he knows where to find contra-dance community in North Carolina.

More destashing will happen in the next few weeks. Not sure exactly when, but it will be soon.

I have no furniture, so I'd love em. You'd have to drop em off, though. ;)
Eh, it's much more likey we could get Fed Ex to ship them, unless Himself changes his plans for West rather than South....

Someday I'll come see you. You'd best have a yarn tour planned!
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