Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Who's afraid of a little kitten?

Since the first felted hat this fall didn't work out so well, over the weekend I made a second one. It turned out much better. The New Zealand Woolpak of the first one is no longer available, so I used Wonderful Wool (Lamb's Pride Worsted hand-dyed) and the Fiber Trends hat pattern that I meant to use the first time (Felt Hat II AC-2).

This was a fairly quick knit. It qualifies as using up the good stuff, but Wonderful Wool is only $13.50 at Mind's Eye, and it used just a bit of the second skein, so it's not that expensive. The colorway is called Aurora and it's one of my favorites. The knitting is pretty easy. This time I felted it in Himself's dryer and it took one hour five minutes. The post-dryer mold for head shape was a Corningware round cassorole.

Drying is still taking place.

I also took the forlorn kitten with me, not having worked on it since about August, near as I can tell. Managed to figure out where I left off and finished a leg on the way to my folks yesterday. Finally came to terms that I was getting anxious about how it would turn out, therefore avoiding working on it. Working on getting over that.

Tommorow evening after work we head to visit Himself's folks in the Philly area. I'm taking the defensive knitting of a sweater, since their idea of conversation does not involve the participation of anyone other than the speaker. Design details tonight.

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