Tuesday, January 10, 2006

26 pairs of socks and 2 singletaries

So for a long time I wanted to round up all my socks and figure out just how many I have made for myself over the years. The 26th pair missed the photo shoot because it was in my purse having just been finished, not in the done laundry or the sock drawer with everyone else.

But some of these are getting old, some have had bra hook wounds in the laundry. It's time to weed. It's not like I don't have sock yarn in the stash.

Back in August I found the book Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy. I need to read the part where he talks about what he's looking for in submitted materials. Some of these guys may be headed there.

I've also started reading again. Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy was ready for me at the BPL (BPL catalog doesn't allow links). Interesting exploration of why women are feeling that to be one of the guys they (the women) must act like a guy's sexual fantasy. I'm only part-way through but I'm wondering when did we get away from acting like ladies and gentlemen who have basic respect for ourselves and other people. What she's describing are folks who have forgotten that they can be sexual yet still civilized.

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