Thursday, March 02, 2006

Striped Mittens

Though, first off, I'm happy with the medal Franklin made for Olympic finishers. He says he's had a couple complainers but, ya know, they don't have to put it up. Offending their local Christian community indeed.

In other news, over the weekend I worked on the second mitten of the pair I started here and finished the first one here, and on Tuesday night I added thumbs. Details -- knit with Wonderful Wool Athena (pink) carried in the left hand and Brown Sheeep Worsted black carried in the right using most of a skein of each. Gauge (can't believe I got this) 8 stitches to the inch on Crystal Palace size 4 doublepoints. Pattern is originally published in Foxes Geese & Fences, this iteration is in Robin Hansen's Favorite Mittens, which is a combination of the first and Flying Geese and Partridge Feet, each out of print for many years. This view shows the exterior on the right and interior on the left. The mittens are warm, partly from the wool and also from the effect of having the two colors forming a second layer within.

The Favorite Mittens pattern has a different top decrease for hand and thumb. I think I like it better since it makes a more amidexterous mitten -- this from someone who will switch hands on my original mittens if it turns out I've put them on the wrong hands to have the decreases frame the back of the hand.

I've made the cuff slightly longer than called for, but I like a long cuff. The gauge is about as even as I'll get, but you can see how the stripes waver when one strand is looser or tighter than usual. I'm happy with it and have started a companion for Stanley with more Athena. I'm interested to see how the subtle pinks and purples of the Athena colorway work as a bird when felted.

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