Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The object of the exercise

Franklin is getting ready to take a trip, and Dolores is supervising his packing. My problem with packing is that I can never be sure I won't need a something, and therefore many somethings get taken with me. I forgot the punchline last night -- the object of the (packing) exercise is not to see how much the suitcase will hold.

This weekend's trip will be complicated by needing to be able to lug it all by myself the 1/4 mile from the subway station. Normally, Himself and I would drive up and back together, but this time, before he heads into Nova Scotia, he'll be dropping me off at the Downeaster in Portland, to make my way home by trains and then foot. The teaching box was severely edited over the weekend and the weekend wardrobe will be similarly curtailed.

The question comes of which backpack should I use? The cute little one on the left that holds essentials but not much more, and masquerades as a purse for going to restaurants, or the big red backpack that holds alot of stuff, but is, well, bulkier. If space and weight were no object, they would both come along on the trip, but see previous paragraph about needing to be able to carry everything myself. Weight will be an issue by 5:30 on Sunday.

Which brings to mind the question of what project to work on while 1. riding in the car for a few hours on Friday, and during knitting moments that day/evening, 2. listening to the program at the Granite State Knit-In on Saturday afternoon, 3. Saturday evening and 4. Sunday, traveling to Portland and then home on the train. There's lots of potential knitting time during this weekend, of varying degrees of concentration, but not much room for packing.

I was thinking about starting something new for the trip, but then remembered last fall I had tucked away a project thinking that it would make an excellent need long stretches of not too difficult project. One one-ounce skein is in use and two more are pre-wound. Do I take all three along? Refer to paragraph 2.
The commuting Baby Surprize Jacket is making progress. Yesterday was yellow, today was dark green and I'll know tomorrow's color by 8:15 in the morning. This yarn spit splices very easily, so I've been able to keep to my intention of changing colors each day no matter where in the row the previous day's commute ended.

The commuting fairies seem to be in cahoots with the exercising fairies. Tonight the Porter Square station had one escalator under repair, one going down and one stopped. The stairs on either side are nine flights of thirteen steps each. Hike-a, hike-a.

Alls well that ends well, and the Mind's Eye annual sale is just getting underway tonight. It runs through Sunday...... I've got what I had my eye on, so now everyone else is free to shop.

Thanks for the sale plug. You crack me up with your 'everyone else is free to shope'. If you are too pooped to putt on Sunday, stop off here and I'll lug your bag home for you!
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