Monday, December 11, 2006

Back on topic -- Knitting before Recipient?

Damn, having left my endocrinologist email that the 311 can be explained, she wants to discuss it tomorrow morning.

Enough of that. Himself has posted and he's okay. And I showed myself able to stress completely internally, while maintaining outward composure and intellectual calm. On the other hand, we may need a rule that if one finds oneself in a foreign city that unexpectedly becomes a dateline on CNN, one should make an effort to make contact with those at home, soon as logistically possible.

I need to look ahead to the weekend. My current active projects are the shawlette for my mother and a pair of socks for my brother (or Himself, depending), both Christmas presents. A soon to be active project is the baby sweater trying out Lucy's sock yarn on the existing pattern.

My aunt is having two of her grandchildren dedicated on Sunday (i.e, in churches with adult baptism, this is how you get the young'uns covered until they can decide for themselves) with an open house later. I haven't seen much of the extended family lately, so it will be nice to catch up with the cousins and meet these new once-removeds. Odds are my mother and brother will both be at the party, so I really can't bring their presents to be working on. That leaves the baby sweater, which I'd really rather not get into in front of relatives I don't see often, particularly one who I did not send anything for her fourth child, even though my aunt suggested people bring gifts for her to the shower for her sister's first.

So the question is, 1. what do I feel like starting, 2. what do I feel like working on, 3. what can I get started and progressed enough to be reasonable by Sunday afternoon without ruining the timing on the other projects and 4. is suitable to not need a whole lot of attention in company?

Hedgehog goes with one and two and falls apart on three and four. Or would you just work ahead on a gift in front of the giftee?

Astounding Sheep Gift Post here. I love that picture.

it's sort of funny that adult baptism churches dedicate babies until they can decide for themselves. catholics, the original evil gorillas of the world (i'm one of them) do the same thing, and name it different. you get baptized as a baby, then confirmed as an adult. you have to chose for yourself for the confirmation bit. and name yourself. to think, people have fought wars over the naming of the rites...

as for project, i would vote for sweater- tell everyone it's a hat... they probably won't know the difference. and you don't owe people knitting just cuz they put out a kid. or work on socks- boyfriend can think they are for bro, and vice versa.

good to know he's safe!
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