Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Evacuation Day!

Evacuation Day, celebrated March 17th in Suffolk County (which is largely the City of Boston) is an official City holiday. This explains why there were a large number of grade school kids around the Pru food court with a parent yesterday.

Not much to say today. Even with the snow/slush storm and the advice to stay of the roads, Himself and I need to temporarily vacate his house to the realtor appointments, so we're soon to decamp to my place in Cambridge. I'm hoping he'll help me sort my things in the basement. If I haven't opened the box in 11 years, do I still need what's in it?

Please keep sending the destash for cash ideas. The goal is to free up some physical space, so I'm looking to move things out rather than swap. If you look at the pictures of the sock yarn from last fall, you can see I have quite sufficient for any needs. Note, that's just the sock yarn, there's a full shelf of laceweight and that's not including the boxes of sport/dk/worsted in the closet and wardrobe. Since I finished paying off my credit card debt last year and started a cash reserve savings account, I'd like to think about stashing dollars instead.

Fair enough. Well, there are a bunch of people around who want to buy yarn for whom you wouldn't need to get a paypal account: people you could sell yarn to in person.

Hmm... I have this weird idea of a yarn/fiber garage sale. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in that...
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