Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cast on new moon Thursday

Doria, our local village witch (and storyteller), will tell you that new moons are excellent for starting new projects and I try my best to start a number of things when it rolls around each month. At least things I know in advance I plan on doing that month or in the near future.

(Full moons are for finishing)

My list for this time (so far) is:
For the triplets I'm planning on using 3 related colorways of Sockotta and doing the same sweater in each colorway -- the baby Nalgar of course (Spun Out #24). They'll be good subway knitting and may temporarily replace the perpetual sock in my commute.

I've been loving the FiberTrends Flamingo Pattern as evidenced by the existance of Stanley (right) and Consuelo (left). Why shouldn't I make one as a nursery decoration/pet for Florida babies?

And I owe Himself a sweater. Back in early December I told him I would make him one. My friend Deb has The Woolery up in Wilton, NH and we placed the order for the Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair through her, which GMS backordered for 3 months. Hence the getting started now.

So, out of the last new moon entry, what's the status?
1. Moebius scarf, -- still in process, about half way through the scarf itself, then need to start the border.

2. The FiberTrends felted chicken pattern, in Pastaza. Because I want to and Consuelo the Flamingo is done. I just want to. Done. See here.

3. The Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann in J&S Jumper Weight. Having gotten over my 15 year hang-up and used about a total ounce or two to make the Olympic Tam, I'm now going to put the pounds of it I have left to good use, play with the colors, practice my spit splice and make a number of Baby Surprise Jackets over the next year or so for Afghans for Afghans, who could use some good wool baby sweaters. This is the start of the first. Infinitesimal progress made. This may be a summer project after the Granite State Knit-Out in June.

4. Back in the States and nearer to home, this is the start of the May office baby sweater, a baby Nalgar (reverse raglan). Shopped from the stash, I have no recollection of how I came to have this yarn, but there are two packages of it so I hope that's enough. Machine washable wool it says and that's good enough for me. I don't recall seeing it advertised anywhere. Done and given to mother, who has sent a thank-you note by return of mail if you believe it!

5. Friends of Himself have had a diagnosis no one wants recently, so I'm starting a FiberTrends Butterfly Shawl with two colors of Jaggerspun Zephyr, daffodil and ice blue worked together. The shawl as written is a square worked from the center out, with the garter accomplished by purling every other round. I prefer my shawls to be one layer, and purling every other round on how many hundred stitches midway through if you don't have to doesn't sound like a very good time, so I'm cutting the square in half to a triangle and knitting every other row back. Making slow but steady progress. Not many shawl knitting with 2 pound-each cones in tow opportunities lately.

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